USS Tempest

Size 5 Ship Jj miranda class by universaltim

Skeleton Crew
Actually Straight-Up Haunted
Bettinger Antimatter Containment Field

Ship Systems
Torpedo Launcher
Energy Shield
Electronic Warfare Suite
Warp Drive
Beam Weapon
Beam Weapon
Hardened Structure
Launch Bay (shuttle: the Sakharov)
Targeting Computer
Advanced Sensor Suite
Grappling System

Advanced Med-bay: The Ship Systems is treated two levels higher for the purposes of its Med-bay.
Hardened Ship Systems: +3 to Ship Systems Track.
Teleport System: The ship can beam up to 3 people to or from the ship each turn.
Split Fire: The various Beam Weapons can fire at independent targets.
Radiation Protection: The shield reduce the damage caused by radiation by 1 automatically. They can negate the damage altogether, but this causes the shields to shut down and the ship gains a “Burnt Out” aspect that is treated as an Extreme consequence for the purpose of repair time.
Reactor Shielding: The ship can take an additional Minor consequence, but the reactor is open to tags.
Sensor Probes: The ship carries sensor probes.
Long Term Life Support: The ship can sustain life nearly indefinitely if supplied with water and basic minerals. It can also, in the event of system failure, provide emergency life support for 3 days.
Atmospheric Entry: The ship can enter atmosphere and even land.

Refresh: 4
System Stress Track: 8
Structural Stress Track: 6

USS Tempest

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