Lukka Republic

The Lukkans were a prewarp people when the Klingon Empire discovered them in 2234. They quickly made contact and used the Lukkan Republic as a client state, shipping advanced technology including ships and weapons along with “technical advisors” to the puppet government.

Following the pullback of Klingon forces in the wake of the Nero incident, the government of Lukka collapsed. It is now passed back and forth between competing warlords, none of which ever have any real authority beyond the reach of their disruptors. The systems under Lukkan “control” are under a Red travel advisory warning for Federation citizens.

Scale 5
Scope 5 (Akkara colony, Carioso, Lukka, Antina, Unknown Space)

Failed State
Ruthless Pirates!
Poorly Maintained Klingon Technology
Traditional, Customary Law
Explores the Sector

Arms (Space)
Arms (Ground)
Arms (Space)
Information (Carioso)
Information (Unknown Space)
Information (Antina)
Information (Akkara colony)

Lukka Republic

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