House Rules

There are two tweaks to the rules I’m making to cause the ship-to-ship combat to be a bit more Star Trek like.

1. The shields are failing, Captain!
The first consequence you take in battle has to be to your shields.

2. Shields block torpedos.
The damage reduction table is revised such that you want to use Phasers against shields and Photon Torpedos directly against the hull, instead of the reverse. Why doesn’t your ship have armor? The Federation is still working on building armor capable of standing up to high energy attacks. Feel free to buy the skill for your ship if you want to be the test bed.

Weapon Ablative Armor Energy Shield
Beam Weapon -1/-2/-3 0/0/0
EWS 0/0/0 0/0/0
Projectile Weapons -1/-2/-3 -1/-2/-3
Plasma Weapons -1/-2/-3 -1/-2/-3
Ramming -1/-2/-3 0/0/0
Torpedo Launcher 0/0/0 -1/-2/-3

House Rules

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