Kagin Llemari


Character Information

Name: Kagin Llamara
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Human
Position: Chief Engineer


Fantastic (6)
Superb (5)
Great (4)
Good (3) Starship Engineering, Science
Fair (2) Resolve, Weapons, Engineering, Alertness
Average (1) Driving, Investigation, Contacts, Might, Endurance


If It Ain’t Broke, Tinker With It

You are never satisfied with a piece of machinery, even when it appears to be working perfectly.


  • Push a piece of machinery beyond its normal limits
  • Improve a piece of machinery given enough downtime.


  • Continue tinkering with machinery that is working, possibly breaking or damaging it

Mechanics Is More Nature Than Nurture

Your skill at engineering comes from long hours learning by feel rather than hitting the books and learning in a classroom.


  • Instinctively “know” what’s wrong with equipment or systems, even if not intimately familiar with it
  • Instinctively “know” how to make something work better


  • Explain a lack of knowledge about a piece of machinery or process that someone who had studied may know easily

Just Stand Over There While I Fix This

You’re often annoyed when other people are getting in the way when you think you know what the problem is.


  • Fix a problem single-handedly that may otherwise require two or more people


  • Impose a difficulty to coordination of multiple people to fix a problem, especially under pressure

Never Tell Me the Odds

When you’re sure something can be done, you’d rather not hear it can’t be.


  • Pull off a flashy maneuver, or one with very low chance of success


  • Impose a penalty to risky maneuvers when someone is around to warn you of their danger

Never Trust A Romulan

Because of the Romulan’s actions on Vulcan, you do not trust their intentions


  • Avoid being fast-talked, charmed or fooled by a Romulan


  • Impose difficulty in dealing with Romulans or things that involve them.

Never Leave A Man Behind

In the past, you were forced to leave the ones you loved or were important to you behind. Never again.


  • Get out of a sticky situation while still rescuing an important person
  • Pull of a daring rescue


  • Be unable to leave a situation when hostages or civilians are in danger that you could save
  • Impose penalties in situations where innocents may die


5 / 5

Stunts (4)

Starship Engineering

“We Need it Now!”
The time to fix things reduced by two steps. If the situation is already operating on the fastest possible amount of time the difficulty of the repair effort is reduced by one.

“Just Hit It”
Spend a fate point. Instead of repairing something, hit it and it works immediately, lasting for a number of exchanges equal to the shift of the Engineering roll (vs. Target of Mediocre). After it breaks again, repair is one step harder.

“Space Monkey”
Whenever dealing with an Engineering roll involving air or space vehicle, difficulty is reduced by one and time to get the work done is reduced by one step on the time table (p 237)


“Anything Goes”
Your character suffers no complications for an awkward or improvised weapon. Your character should never need to fate point to say an improvised weapon is close by.


“Computer Specialist”
You know computers inside and out and get a +1 when attempting to program or hack a system.


Kagin Llemari

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