Star Trek: Akkara

Unfaithful Mirrors Part 2

Referee: So, T’Reth is chatting with her mirror double while Kagin is undergoing some recreational torture.
T’Reth: T’reth: “I have an idea. You’re not going to like it.”
MirrorT’Reth: “That is very likely. I like few of the ideas people present to me.”
T’Reth: “We can cover more ground if there are two of us. And there could be.”
Campaign saved.
MirrorT’Reth: “One of us, however, is expected to remain in the brig.”
T’Reth: “We shall need to work fast, then. Once the alarm is sounded we can only count on so much confusion being sown.”
MirrorT’Reth: “This does not sound like a plan with a pleasant outcome for myself.”
T’Reth: “Not unless you come with me.”
Referee: So. Kagin. The Agony Booth. You’re in there. It is . . . agonizing. And your mirror universe double is hanging out with the guard yukking it up.
Campaign saved.
Kagin: Oh wait… didn’t I roll last time to try to feed him false information?
Referee: Indeed you did. What are you trying to feed them?
MirrorT’Reth: “Dangerous. Reprisals are likely.”
Kagin: Information about our shields. Maybe incorrect frequencies that work against them for phasers.
T’Reth: “Across a dimensional barrier? And abduction of three Federation officers won’t incur reprisal already?”
Campaign saved.
Referee: Hmm. Make a Rapport roll.
Kagin: Who was that directed @?
MirrorTurner enters the room as Kagin is going over shield frequencies. Half of her head is shaved, exposing a transparent plate over her partially cybernetic brain. She has a vacant expression on her face.
Referee: T’Reth.
T’Reth: Can I make that a Deceit roll instead?
T’Reth: Rapport is…not my bag.
Referee: I’m not sure what about that is a lie?
T’Reth: The whole “come with me” thing. I’m still 90% sold on the mind meld and then neck-snap plan.
Campaign saved.
Referee: I’d ask where you have the goatee, but . . . I should not. Go for Deceit.
Kagin: “Well, I will admit that female turner may be an upgrade. Don’t tell our Turner I said so.”
T’Reth: [1d6+1m6 = 4]
T’Reth: 6! She trusts me! TRUSTS ME
MirrorKagin: “Damn straight she is. Most of her personality got wiped when I put her brain back together, but that’s part of the upgrade.”
Referee: [1d6
1m6 = 3]
Referee: Do you mumble ‘neeeecksnaaaaaap’ in your sleep?
Referee: I think you do.
Campaign saved.
MirrorT’Reth: “Assuming I agree to this, and get you something other than that dress to wear, is your plan any more elaborate than ‘break into engine room and rig transporter’?”
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: “That depends on your security setup.”
MirrorT’Reth: “Haphazard, but lethal. With assassination so common, no unified security system would be permitted to exist. The danger of it being turned against you is simply too high.”
T’Reth: “Then we need merely distract your Captain with a threat of assassination.”
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: “Who is her chiefmost rival among the crew?”
MirrorT’Reth: “Myself, unfortunately. Or possibly Lieutenant Kagin.”
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: “If you are anything like me, you already have a plan to depose the Captain, should it prove necessary, even if you have no ambitions there.”
MirrorKagin: “Well, fish him out of there and toss him back in the cell. We’ll do this again sometime. It’ll be fun.”
Kagin: “Yeah, I could really use a nap.”
Campaign saved.
MirrorT’Reth: “Yes, though my plan does feature flight and a series of cover identities. Becoming captain of a starship is not a healthy career.”
T’Reth: “No better place to fly than my dimension. The Federation has a very generous pension plan for refugees.”
Referee: (The agony booth, by the way )
(The agony booth, by the way )
Referee: Laying it on a bit thick with that one, don’t you think?
T’Reth: thick?
T’Reth: the pension plan probably is very generous
Campaign saved.
MirrorKagin: “Actually . . . I’ve got a great idea. Lets get him to engineering.”
Kagin: “Oh. Well, that aught to be fun, too.”
MirrorT’Reth: “In any event, the controls on the interior ship lights are considered ‘inessential’ and are less secure. They could be jury-rigged to produce a temporarily blinding burst of radiation.”
Campaign saved.
MirrorT’Reth: “Blinding to any species who did not possess an inner eyelid, of course.”
T’Reth: “Of course. Shall we?”
Campaign saved.
Referee: Kagin is dragged down to engineering by the goonish guards and tossed in a corner. Mirror Kagin directs some of his ensigns in putting together a quick and dirty force field fencing him in.
MirrorT’Reth nods
Campaign saved.
Kagin: How much more advanced is their technology?
Referee: Make an engineering roll.
Kagin: Starship or regular?
Referee: Either one!
Kagin: [1d6+1m6+3 = -1]
Kagin: “Nature than Nurture” for a reroll?
Referee: Go for it.
Kagin: [1d6+1m6+3 = 4]
Kagin: Better!
Referee: It could hardly be worse!
Campaign saved.
Referee: The mirror universe’s technology isn’t really better.
Referee: It’s bigger, flashier, and draws a lot more power, but it isn’t more sophisticated.
Kagin: It draws more power? I wonder if their generators are better.
Referee: Larger.
Campaign saved.
Kagin: Heh
MirrorKagin: “Are you as much of a fan of irony as I am?”
MirrorKagin is fiddling with a phaser.
Kagin: “I’ve never really been a fan of irony at all, honestly.”
Kagin: “Now, scotch. That’s a good one.”
MirrorKagin: “You aren’t getting any of my scotch.”
Kagin: “What? Just ‘cause we’re mirrors of each other, we can’t be friends?”
Campaign saved.
MirrorT’Reth: “We will need to overpower the guards at the door. They would not allow you to go anywhere other than the brig.”
MirrorKagin: “Hmm. I try not to get attached to dead men.”
Kagin: “See? When you say those things, it hurts me.”
MirrorKagin: “I got good news for you. I’m about to make that problem go away. Lets see how good your ‘technological secrets’ really are.”


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