Star Trek: Akkara

Unfaithful Mirrors

Unfaithful Mirrors, part 1
Referee: Kagin is dragged back into the brig cell he, Vivian, and T’Reth are sharing. His torture session wasn’t too long.
Referee: You aren’t sure how long you’ve been here, there isn’t a regular day/night cycle on the brig lights. Probably less than 2 days, though.
Kagin: Man… mirror universe Tempest sucks.
Campaign saved.
Vivian St.Croix: Agreed.
Referee: A squad of guards moves to the door as they turn off the force field.
Guard: “Get up, all of you!”
Kagin: “I was just up. Can I lay down for a bit?”
Guard shoots Kagin with his phaser.
Campaign saved.
Kagin groans.
Kagin: “Okay, okay.”
Vivian St.Croix: “All of Kagin or all of us in general?”
Dan: Ask a silly question, get a phase modulated answer.
Guard: “All of you!”
Vivian St.Croix: “There. Isn’t it much better to be specific? Apparently bizaro world standards didn’t include lessons about being specific.”
Guard still has that phaser.
Campaign saved.
Referee: The guards lead the lot of you out and down the hall, into three separate, spartan rooms. It isn’t long before your mirror universe doubles walk in after you.
Kagin: “Wow. Mirror universe me is UGLY.”
MirrorKagin: “You look like shit.”
Vivian St.Croix: Oh that’s going to be the best conversation to watch
Kagin: “I’m wondering what you’d look like if we tortured you. I’m guessing… worse… somehow?”
Dan: You owe me a mirrorCoke!
Campaign saved.
Mirror Vivian: “Welcome to your new home, ‘Captain’. I can’t say you’ll survive long here, though.”
Vivian St.Croix: “Well, if you’re the opposite of me, then honestly I can’t see you making it very long either.”
Kagin: “I’ve been in a vulcan body. Can you honestly match that level or torture?”
MirrorKagin: “Well, if I had my way, we’d be having this conversation with you in the Agony Booth. But I think I’ll get my way soon.”
Mirror Vivian: “You’re unarmed, captured, lightly tortured, and I’ve thought of everything you’ll think of. Cven Kagin wouldn’t bet on you.”
Kagin: “Which one?”
Dan: Which one?
Campaign saved.
Vivian St.Croix: “Except that leaves you with being weak willed, likely someone that gives in to anything that seems status quo … or mother. That and luck can’t like you very much.”
Mirror Vivian: “Mot . . . she’s alive in your world?”
Mirror Vivian: “I killed her when I was 12.”
Vivian St.Croix: “Honestly? I seriously debated it. But, regrets.”
Kagin: “Ha ha… Vivian, you and Mirror You aren’t that different, it seems”
Dan: You guys are all in different rooms!
Kagin: Aww
Kagin: Okay
Mirror Vivian: “No regrets. Purging that viper’s nest was the best decision I ever made.”
T’Reth: (i alos thought we were all together)
Vivian St.Croix: “yeah well…I guess everyone needs something around to have as a constant sourse of aggrivation. Can we skip the back and forth and just get down to the ‘why’ of this?”
MirrorT’Reth: “Good evening. As far as I am aware, neither of our universes has a protocol for contact with our alternate reality duplicates.”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “To my knowledge, there is not.”
Campaign saved.
Mirror Vivian: “It’s simple. You can give us technical details on Federation systems and you’ll be rewarded. Or you can resist and be tortured to death.”
Mirror Vivian: “Your call, though.”
MirrorT’Reth: “I would like to begin by saying this entire abduction was unnecessary.”
Vivian St.Croix: “Because, knowing me like you say you do, that really sounds like something I’d do.”
Kagin: Is that the ultimatum given to all of us?
Vivian St.Croix: “Which means it IS something you would do. I think.”
MirrorKagin: “I’m supposed to ask you for stuff on your sensors and crap. But I’d just as soon watch you get tortured for being uncooperative.”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “Or at the very least, mistargeted. We are hardly the highest priority capture targets in our universe, should you be planning a nefarious cross-dimensional invasion.”
Mirror Vivian: “Well, we both know I’m rich enough to protect you. If you cooperate.”
Vivian St.Croix: “And we both know I don’t care enough about riches to really be swayed by that.”
MirrorT’Reth: “That is not. Sadly, the objective was much more modest. We abducted you and your shipmates in order to determine how to restore me and Kagin to our rightful bodies.”
Vivian St.Croix: Oh my godd, Mirror Kagin is really a woman?
Campaign saved.
Vivian St.Croix: That explains so much…
MirrorT’Reth: “After Lieutenant Turner left for your universe, the problem fixed itself on its own.”
T’Reth: “Ah, yes, we had a similar anomalous neuropersona transfer. It apparently resolved itself on its own.”
Dan: No. They just extradited you to torture-town to figure out how to fix a problem that fixed itself. Now they’re torturing you . . . pretty much just to torture you.
Kagin: How hard would it be to give dangerously false information?
Referee: How hard do you think it would be to fool yourself?
T’Reth: “If espionage as prelude to invasion is not your objective, why bother holding us? There seems to be no basis for hositlity betwene our two dimensions.”
T’Reth: “After all, if you have an analog to Dee-Turing theorem, you must realize there have to be far more dangerous realities adjacent to your own.”
MirrorT’Reth: “Because cross dimensional contact is illegal. I am not sure what sort of hold Lt. Kagin has on the Captain to cause her to decide to abduct you in defiance of those laws, but it must be quite strong.”
Mirror Vivian: “I’m betting that you care about survival, though. You’ll do whatever it takes to make it.”
T’Reth: “Given your use of torture, I surmise your reality’s Federation analog has none of the moral limitations mine does. If so, why do you not leverage this deviation from law as a means of supplanting the captain? Take power for yourself? Return us to our reality, and so achievethe approval of your superiors.”
Kagin: Well, if they’re asking about the specs, they don’t have them.
Kagin: So, I’m betting I can make it look believable pretty easily. How are they going to know I’m lying?
Campaign saved.
Vivian St.Croix: “Oh, survival, yeah. I’m a big fan of that. But I’m also a big fan of not selling out the Federation.”
MirrorT’Reth: “I can only do that if the situation escalates. Captain St. Croix has powerful friends and, to be blunt, I am not eager to put myself in the firing line by taking a captain’s chair. The life expectancy among captains in the fleet is distressingly low.”
Kagin: Well, what do I get if I DO give these specs to you?
‘Nick’ reconnected
MirrorKagin: “A chance to see my disappointed face?”
‘Nick’ reconnected
Kagin: “With a side of freedom for me and the crew?”
MirrorKagin: “Hah! Wow. Suuuuuure.”
MirrorKagin is an asshole.
Kagin: I thought we were supposed to be opposites?
Vivian St.Croix: I was just gonna say…
Mirror Vivian is a mother-fucking pirate.
Mirror Vivian: “Who cares? You’ll never go back, so I’m pretty sure they won’t toss you in prison.”
Kagin: “Well, I’m certainly not giving them to you for nothing.”
Vivian St.Croix: And that is AWESOME.
Vivian St.Croix: “You realize I clearly can’t trust you to keep your end of the bargain, right?”
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: “Ah, yes. I understand. Politics within my Federation is less…cutthroat.”
MirrorKagin: “I guess every minute I’m working on that, I’m not asking Turner to show you all the settings on the Agony Booth.”
T’Reth: T’reth: “Tell me, does Vulcan still exist? It was destroyed in my reality.”
MirrorT’Reth: “Interesting. The planet still exists in this reality.”
Mirror Vivian: “No. But you also don’t have a lot to lose here.”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “Ours was destroyed by a renegade time traveller, so there may be no analog.”
Vivian St.Croix: “Not a lot to gain, either.”
Campaign saved.
MirrorT’Reth: “An interesting deviation from history. I will not ask about events on your side of the dimensional barrier. It would only be distressing for the both of us.”
Mirror Vivian: “You’d get a chance. A slim chance is better than no chance.”
Kagin: “Well, do your worst… blah blah blah”
Vivian St.Croix: “And my crew?”
Mirror Vivian: “We’ll see how cooperative they are.”
Vivian St.Croix: “If either of them die or come to grevious harm, you’re not getting anything from me.”
Mirror Vivian: “. . . I can promise less than grevious harm.”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “If your Captain St. Croix has violated protocol, then she must be seeking a means of making some sort of gain from our capture.”
Vivian St.Croix: “No loss of limbs or perminant damage.”
Campaign saved.
MirrorT’Reth: “Yes. I am to ask you for technical details in any areas where your Federation may have exceeded the Empire’s development.”
Mirror Vivian: “Isn’t loss of limbs included with permanent damage?”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “Absurd. She must be desperate, then.”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “I have noted no area in which we outclass you, and we are obviously inferior in terms of interdimensional transportation.”
Vivian St.Croix: “I don’t know what your Medical is capable of. I’m covering bases, just in case.”
MirrorT’Reth: "Most people are desperate. As I said, though, her goals for this mission were originally much more specific. It was only after that problem disappeared that this became an open ended “fishing expedition”."
Campaign saved.
MirrorKagin: “It’ll be my pleasure. I’ll bring popcorn.”
Kagin: “Make it the buttery kind”
T’Reth: “Then in order to secure the safe return of Lt. Kagin and Captain St. Croix- mine, that is – it seems she will require something of value.”
Mirror Vivian: “That’s more like the girl I see in the mirror every morning.”
Vivian St.Croix: “Its called not being stupid and taking stupid chances. Speaking of mornings, you get married or not?”
MirrorT’Reth: “I do not know what you could offer her. I am sure that you could buy a more or less comfortable, secluded life with information. But I do not see how you could get the Captain to agree to your release.”
Mirror Vivian: “Hah. Are you a captain and a comedian in your universe?”
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: “I do not require my release, simple the return of my friends to my home dimension. I am content to secure for myself a far less extravagant price for what I can offer.”
MirrorT’Reth: “What can you offer?”
T’Reth: “The technology that destroyed Vulcan in my universe was far in advance of our own, employing concepts in physics decades ahead of ours. But we gathered enough from that encounter to shorten that timeframe considerably. I can offer you that knowledge. I can offer your Empire access to Red Matter.”
Vivian St.Croix: “Oh thank…whatever. For a moment I was worried that Opposite Me would have been stupid enough to marry someone with a brace of sister-cousins.”
MirrorT’Reth: “. . . I would recommend you reconsider that decision.”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “Your hesitation is fascinating. May I ask why?”
Mirror Vivian: “Why the hell would I get married when I can get what I want for free?”
Campaign saved.
Vivian St.Croix: “At least you’re not completely backwards.”
MirrorT’Reth: “If given the technology necessary to destroy planets, the Empire will immediately begin using it as a weapon of terror to destroy troublesome or rebellious worlds. I estimate that, within 200 years, half the inhabitable worlds in this quadrant would be destroyed.”
T’Reth: “In addition, your enemies would rapidly acquire the technology for themselves. This galaxy could be rendered uninhabitable by such a conflict.”
Mirror Vivian: “It is slim pickings out on the frontier, though. Wright is the only decent man on the ship.”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “But such an outcome would end the threat your reality could pose to mine. Red Matter requires quantum tuning making it impossible to use as a transdimensional weapon.”
T’Reth: (should I roll Deceit at some point? T’Reth is bluffing the ever fuck out of everything, no one knows anything about Red Matter)
Campaign saved.
Referee: Go for it.
T’Reth: [1d6+1m6 = -2]
T’Reth: sigh
T’Reth: 0
Referee: I mean, you could totally use Science and Fearful and Facinated to actually know what the Federation knows about it.
Referee: [1d6+1m6 = 0]
T’Reth: Oh I totally do
Referee: Good news. Your Empathy kinda blows.
T’Reth: [1d6+1m6 = 2]
T’Reth: 4 on that
Kagin: < my plan is to wait out the torture as best I can for a bit, then “reveal secrets” that are, hopefully, fatally incorrect >
Vivian St.Croix: [-2]
MirrorKagin calls for the guards to get that torture train started, then!
Vivian St.Croix: “…you’ve GOT to be kidding.”
MirrorT’Reth: “Even if future technology is unable to resolve that, the survivors would clearly attempt to invade your universe.”
Mirror Vivian: “What?”
Campaign saved.
Vivian St.Croix: “Wright? Really?”
Mirror Vivian: “You haven’t? Heh. Maybe I’ll send him over sometime. He’s very good.”
T’Reth: “Of course. But truthfully, was it the prospect of mass death in your reality that caused you to stop me just now?”
MirrorT’Reth: “Yes.”
Campaign saved.
Referee: Kagin, you’re taken to a part of the brig you’ve walked past but have never had the misfortune of entering. You are shoved into a glass tube of a booth by your burly guards.
Vivian St.Croix: “Wow. I can’t even wrap my head around how fantastically awkward this conversation just became. Lets go back to less weird things…”
Kagin: “So, this is the pain booth?”
Dan: Hee hee hee!
T’Reth: T’Reth: "Then you will be glad to know I was lying. We retrieved no information on the technology used to destroy Vulcan.
T’Reth: “I was hoping to bluff long enough to secure the release of the Captain and Lt. Kagin. Now, however, an alternative strategy presents itself.”
Guard: “AGONY Booth. See?”
Guard flips some switches. It . . . lives up to the name.
Kagin: < how do you resist torture? >
Campaign saved.
Referee: Resolve! Also, the stunts that Vivian has been picking up.
Kagin: Hey, I don’t have that.
Kagin: Awesome
Kagin: [1d6
1m6 = 3]
Dan: You do know how to roll positive numbers. A rarity here!
Kagin: Clearly I cheated.
Vivian St.Croix: The person that DOES have the stunts is the one not being tortured \o/ Yay for mirror self being just as easily distracted?
MirrorT’Reth: “What does your strategy entail?”
Dan: If you want, we can torture you! The Agony Booth doesn’t get tired! It is a trooper!
T’Reth: “If you wish to keep dangerous, destabilizing technology out of the hands of your civilization, it would be best to arrnage for the three of us to escape and return to our reality. Under torture we will eventually disclose the secrets we do have.”
Vivian St.Croix: …can we just stay here, kill our counterparts and become motherfucking space pirates?
Campaign saved.
Dan: The Agony Booth says no.
Vivian St.Croix: The agony booth is an asshole.
MirrorT’Reth: “That is a possibility. Your escape would not be simple to arrange, however. Transporting someone across the dimensional barrier requires the majority of the output of the warp engine. It is an unsubtle action.”
Campaign saved.
Kagin: “Okay, okay. Enough. What do you want to know?”
Mirror Vivian: “Lets get you back to your cell. I’ll have the guards send a notepad over and you can come up with a list of what you can offer us. And we’ll see what that can buy you.”
Mirror Vivian: “Oh, and I’ll tell Wright you said ‘hi’.”
T’Reth: “We shall have to cross that bridge when we come to it.”
MirrorKagin: “Honestly? What your screams sound like. I should get Turner in on this. She might not enjoy it as much as a real person, but I’m sure she’d get a kick out of it somehow.”
Campaign saved.
Vivian St.Croix: “Fine, fine. I want the others with me though.”
Mirror Vivian: “I’m not exactly giving them the run of the ship.”
Vivian St.Croix: “So we can pool information. I didn’t expect you’d be letting them roam around.”
Mirror Vivian: “Where do you think they’ll be going, other than the brig?”
MirrorT’Reth: “Do you have any ideas on how you would gain access to the warp engines and transporter room?”
T’Reth: “In a culture as power-obsessed as yours, surely there is some kind of ship-wide defense system the Captain has access too for the suppression of mutinies?”
Campaign saved.
Vivian St.Croix: “You’re missing the implication that I want them back with me as soon as I’m back in the brig.”


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