Star Trek: Akkara

Unfaithful Mirror Part 4

Referee: So, T’Reth and Kagin are in engineering. Along with Mirror Kagin and Turner’s cooling corpses.
Referee: Mirror T’Reth is off fiddling with the life support, but you’ll also need a lot of power routed to the transporter room. Also, control of the transporter room.
T’Reth: T’Reth: “I will set the reactor to overload. That should provide enough power, and destroy the ship in…an average of 15 minutes, plus or minus four point five.”
T’Reth: “In that time we will have to take the transporter room.”
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: Hmm
T’Reth: that’s more Kagin’s job
T’Reth: scratch that, reverse
T’Reth: “Kagin, can you set the reactor to overload? We need power for the transporter room.”
T’Reth: “Also, to destroy the ship.”
T’Reth: (I want to destroy the ship)
Referee: (Hmmm. The mirror universe doesn’t have enough corpses. How to change that . . . I know!)
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Kagin: I can probably get some extra power form it, sure.
Kagin: Is there a console here I could use to accomplish that?
Referee: In engineering? I think you can find something.
Campaign saved.
Kagin: Hell… Can I override and move primary command functions down here?
Kagin: Lock out the rest of thes hip?
Referee: You could try. . .
Kagin: [1d6+1m6+3 = 3]
Campaign saved.
Referee: [1d6+1m6 = 1]
Computer: "Unauthorized access detected. Possible coup in progress. Engaging sterilization procedures on deck 7.
Campaign saved.
Kagin: “Hey, guys.”
Kagin: “I got something… but it’s not more power.”
Kagin: Can I at least keep the transporters active?
Referee: Happily, those aren’t on your deck. Unhappily, the lights have started flashing red and something green is coming from the vents.
T’Reth: Didn’t we put on emergency suits last time? For exactly this? Because nerve gassing the ship was what I wanted to do?
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: you never let me use nerve gas
Referee: Mirror T’Reth is exactly why Mirror Vivian put in nerve gas. Mirror T’Reth is also why Vivian didn’t TELL Mirror T’Reth about the nerve gas.
T’Reth: I’m gonna run a zombie game and hand out nerve gas grenades like candy
T’Reth: just to spite you
T’Reth: Anyway, we are either already wearing or quickly put on emergency suits of some kind.
Kagin: Agreed.
Referee: Make an Alertness roll to get into your suits without damage!
Kagin: [1d6+1m6+2 = 2]
T’Reth: [1d6+1m6 = -2]
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: -1!
T’Reth: but I am going to spend a FP for Fearful and Fascinated to invoke my cautious nature
T’Reth: and say I had noted the location of the emergency kits upon entering the room, jus tin case
Referee: Works for me.
Mirror T’Reth (over the communicator): “I’m seeing that your deck has been locked down. What is going on?”
T’Reth: “Your captain is nerve gassing this deck.”
Campaign saved.
Mirror T’Reth: “You are going to need to get out of there. The whole ship is going on alert.”
T’Reth: “We’re just rerouting more power to the transporter room. We’ll join you momentarily.”
Mirror T’Reth: “Move quickly. I won’t be able to . . .”
Referee: There is the sound of phaser fire and the line goes dead.
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: “I will retrieve myself. Proceed to the transporter room as best you can and prepare our escape.”
Referee: There is no response.
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: (I was talking to Kagin)
Kagin: And I am making my way to the transporter room.
Referee: (That’s good. Because it’d be a onesided conversation with the communicator.)
Referee: Kagin finds the transporter room unguarded! Off, but unguarded.
Campaign saved.
Kagin: Okay, let’s work on that, then.
Kagin: I wish I had security.
Kagin: Or hacking.
T’Reth: T’reth heads to where Other T’Reth is.
Kagin: Let’s hope my Starship Engineering luck is better here.
Kagin: [1d6+1m6+3 = 6]
Kagin: 6
Referee: T’Reth has to climb up two decks worth of ladder, but can hear the sounds of phaser fire not far ahead.
T’Reth: I use Stealth
Kagin: Can’t I just transport him from the ship to wherever we need to og?
Kagin: go?
T’Reth: because I swear to god if I can’t sneak up behind Mirror Vivian and snap her neck, I’m gonna…insist we play AFMBE
T’Reth: and you don’t want that. I don’t want that. No one wants that.
Referee: Not while the security is up. There are internal force fields all over.
Campaign saved.
Referee: You can try . . .
T’Reth: [1d6
1m6 = 0]
T’Reth: 2
Referee: [1d6
1m6 = -4]
Campaign saved.
Referee: It costs two of her fate points (Spent on Paranoid Commander and Stubbornly Self-Reliant), but she twists as you go for the neck snap. It is merely a neck wrench.
T’Reth: I thought I was rolling for stealth!
T’Reth: if this is the neck snap
Referee: I thought you were rolling an attack!
Referee: Which is why I sold all my hair.
Referee: Things . . . things got out of control over here is what I’m saying.
T’Reth: I am obviously invoking Human Necks Are So Fragile for 2, Angry Vulcan, SS31 Agent, and Divided Loyalty (since T’Reth haslong made her plans on how to kill Vivian if necessary)
T’Reth: for like +a million
T’Reth: look
T’Reth: I have three fate points
T’Reth: TAKE them
T’Reth: and make her dead
Kagin: Ha ha ha
Campaign saved.
Referee: She has a stress track like a real person. This’ll give her an . . . unfortunate . . . consequence. But you’ve already got two murders in on this boat. You gotta work for SOME of them.
T’Reth: FINE
Referee: Kagin: The console lights up, just like it should. There is a bit of a heat shimmer from the transporter pad and you maybe smell something burning in the panels behind you. The pad is getting the power it needs, but it can’t keep doing this for long.
T’Reth: Then while she’s all oh my neck injury oh noes I strangle her
Kagin: “Lieutenant, you might want to hurry. I can’t keep the transporter on for long.”
T’Reth: Who else is in the room? Is my counterpart conscious?
Campaign saved.
Mirror Vivian: “Bitch! We should have LEVELED your world!”
Referee: NPCs get actions too! NPC rights!
Mirror T’Reth: “T’Reth! You need to leave!”
Referee: There are an increasingly worrying number of guards arriving. It’s a charred, smokefilled corridor.
T’Reth: “Come along, then.” T’Reth gives covering fire to T’Reth, so she can move up. Can I stomp on the now-injured neck of the captain?
Referee: No, because the captain is attacking you with kicks.
Mirror Vivian: [1d6
1m6 = 5]
Mirror Vivian: Holy moley. 5.
Campaign saved.
Referee: Please make a acrobatics or fists roll for your defense?
T’Reth: [1d6
1m6 = -3]
T’Reth: -1
Campaign saved.
Kagin: Can I transport him out of there to the telepad?
Referee: Nyet.
Referee: With the alerts up, there are all sorts of internal forcefields blocking transport.
Referee: T’Reth is taking 6 stress. Since can only take 5, some of that is presumably getting shunted off into a consequence.
T’Reth: Mirror Vivian’
T’Reth: s ninja kick shatters T’Reth’s knee
T’Reth: She stumbles to the ground!
T’Reth: And then shoots Mirror Vivian?
Campaign saved.
Referee: Compel off of Angry Vulcan: The shot goes wide and hits one of the overstuffed circuit boxes that seem to be so common on TOS ships, exploding and seperating everyone!
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: I shall accept!
T’Reth: Angry Vulcan should work for general proprety damage
Referee: That was my thinking!
Referee: Kagin: There is a blast and you lose contact with T’Reth.
T’Reth: T’Reth enters the transporter room. “She didn’t make it. Let’s go. I tire of this universe.”
Kagin: “Agreed.”
Kagin: <fires>
Campaign saved.
Referee: You can see the transporter console actually melting as it fades from view.
Referee: Everything is black for an uncomfortably long period of time, much longer than the nearly instant transition you are used to, but another transporter room eventually comes into view.
Referee: With a very stressed out Turner working the controls.
T’Reth: “How very wonderful it is to not see your brain, Lt. Turner.”
Lt. Turner: “I . . . has that been a problem?”


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