Star Trek: Akkara

Unfaithful Mirror Part 3

Referee: So we have T’Reth talking to her mirror double.
Referee: And Kagin is sitting behind a force screen while his mirror double gets ready to take pot shots at him.
T’Reth: wait didn’t I steal her memories and snap her neck?
Referee: Not YET you sure didn’t.
T’Reth: well lets at least do the mind-meld
Campaign saved.
Referee: That would give her a very good chance of seeing the neck snap coming.
T’Reth: i’m not gonna neck snap her
T’Reth: this is star trek, not murderspace 3000
T’Reth: I might trade places though
Referee: Well, is there a specific question you are trying to figure out with the mind meld? Or are you putting a ‘I knows about the mirror empire’ aspect on yourself or something?
T’Reth: yes
Referee: Yes?
T’Reth: the aspect one
Campaign saved.
Referee: Make an Empathy roll. And a Deciet one if you want to conceal anything.
T’Reth: [1d6+1m6 = -3]
T’Reth: -2
Referee: [1d6+1m6 = -5]
Kagin: Negative rolls are the best rolls.
Referee: Hah. Believe it or not, that’s much better than MY roll.
Mirror Kagin: “So, here’s the deal, me.”
Mirror Kagin: “First shot, that one’s on stun. If what you told us about breaking through shields is on the level, lucky you. If not, well, the next dozen shots won’t be on stun.”
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: (so was the meld successful?)
Referee: Indeed it was. You get a blast of confusing images and feelings. Mostly awful, because it’s that kind of place.
T’Reth: T’Reth steps back. “Your entire universe is jerks.”
Referee: You get to “remember” Mirror Vivian ordering the photon torpedo bombardment of the Cariosan capital. And Mirror Kagin’s crude brain augmentation on Mirror Lori.
Kagin: (how exactly are they planning on testing my shield bluff?)
T’Reth: “If we are to be in two places at once, I’ll need a uniform.”
Campaign saved.
Mirror T’Reth: “I will try to avoid offence. I see that your life has been far from blameless.”
Referee: It wasn’t a shield buff, but a way of breaking through shields, as I recall.
Referee: So, they are putting you behind a shield and shooting at it. On stun. At first.
Kagin: This may not work out quite as well as I’d hoped.
T’Reth: T’Reth: “Very droll. To put it in the human way, lets get the hell out of this shit universe.”
Mirror T’Reth: “We will need control of the engine room and the transporter room to do that.”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “And we’ll have to liberate my colleagues. Suggestions?”
Campaign saved.
Referee: Well, you have until a full power phaser breaks through the shield to figure out a plan B.
T’Reth: Ideally, the charred corpse of Mirror Kagin will be put in the cell where Kagin is nwo, and Kagin and I will have to pretend to be our mirror duplicates.
Mirror T’Reth: “I can cause an infrared burst through life support that will disable non-vulcans.”
Kagin: Am I restrained?
T’Reth: “Ah, while you do that, I will head to where Kagin is being held to revive him. Then we shall proceed to engineering?”
Referee: You are not. You’ve spent some time in the Agony Booth. So your muscles aren’t going to be happy about you doing anything. Like breathing. But you aren’t tied up or anything.
Kagin: Well, that will make it slightly more difficult to try to overtake mirror me, huh?
Kagin: Not that it will stop me.
Kagin: Did we get a skill point?
Referee: Well, he’s on the other side of the forcefield.
Referee: Oh, yes.
Campaign saved.
Mirror T’Reth: “We’ll need to get a uniform for you first. Wait five minutes, then follow me to my quarters. I will use innuendo to convince the guards that I am taking you there for something unseemly.”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “Excellent. We may not have time for that, sadly.”
Campaign saved.
Mirror T’Reth leaves to enact plan ‘convince the guards that twincest is afoot’.
Referee: What is Kagin up to?
Kagin: Well… I am going to wait for hte shield to go down and try to overpower Mirror Kagin
Kagin: It has almost no hope of working, but it’s what I’ve got.
Kagin: I should be able to predict when the shield will go down using engineering.
Kagin: Right?
Campaign saved.
Referee: You should indeed.
Campaign saved.
Referee: Make an Engineering roll to get the timing?
Referee: T’Reth is gonna get leered at by the guards, of course. But that’s basically the point.
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: T’Reth pretends to care.
Kagin: Oh wow
Kagin: This wasn’t updating
Kagin: [1d6+1m6+2 = -1]
Kagin: Uhh
Referee: Maybe come up with a plan C?
Campaign saved.
Kagin: Plan C is “survive a phaser blast”
Kagin: Or “hope T’Reth gets here”
Referee: Well, T’Reth gets her pants.
T’Reth: woo
T’Reth: pants
Mirror T’Reth: “I will go to the life support system and meet you in Engineering?”
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: “Done. I will stop by the brig to rescue Kagin.”
Mirror T’Reth: “Try to keep a low profile.”
T’Reth: ‘Agreed.’
T’Reth: Off to the brig!
Campaign saved.
Referee: You find that Kagin isn’t in the Brig. His double tossed him in the Agony Booth for a while and then dragged him off to engineering.
T’Reth: Oh, then off to Engineering!
Referee: So, your Kagin, still helpfully in the science uniform, is in a corner, protected by a flickering, sparking force screen while MirrorKagin takes pot shots at it with a phaser set to kill.
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: Anyone else present in Engineering?
Referee: A handful of other pretty uncomfortable looking ensigns and the transparent skulled Mirror Turner. Staring unresponsively ahead.
T’Reth: T’Reth thinks of an appropriate excuse to order the drones out.
Campaign saved.
Referee: Get out or I’ll send you to the Agony Booth?
T’Reth: “Clear the room. I need to speak with Kagin.”
Kagin: Oh, hey. Another mirror universe guy. Great.
T’Reth: “Be silent, captive, or I’ll remove your vocal cords.”
Kagin: “Before or after he shoots me?”
Mirror Kagin: “This IS set to vaporize.”
T’Reth: “After. He wants to hear you scream.”
Campaign saved.
Mirror Kagin: “Well, that is true.”
Kagin: “Oh, okay. Sounds nice.”
T’Reth: Do they leave the room?
Kagin: “Where IS your double, anyway? Did you guys already vaporize him?”
Referee: The goons do, Mirror Kagin isn’t leaving yet!
T’Reth: (That’s all I needed. WE are alone?)
Referee: There aren’t any unnamed extras in the room.
T’Reth: Then we’re just waiting for the everyone-to-fall asleep part?
T’Reth: Or…
T’Reth: can I snap Mirror Kagin’s neck and get in a fist fight with Mirror Turner?
Campaign saved.
Referee: Mirror Turner has about as much free will as your communicator right now. So, maybe skip that step?
T’Reth: ah
Referee: Make a fists roll!
T’Reth: [1d6+1m6 = 0]
T’Reth: INVOKING Human Necks Are So Fragile
T’Reth: for 2
Referee: This is BASICALLY the best time for that aspect.
T’Reth: and ANGRY VULCAN for another +2
T’Reth: and Secret Section 31 Agent!
T’Reth: I really want this neck snapped
Campaign saved.
Referee: I’m getting that!
Referee: [1d6
1m6 = -3]
Referee: I . . . didn’t need to roll that -6 right there.
Kagin: “So, does this mean YOU killed your double, then?”
T’Reth: “Swap clothing. We’ll incinerate his body and say it was you.”
Mirror Turner keeps staring blankly ahead. The diodes in her brain blink every now and then.
Kagin: “Can I act like an asshole, then? You know… to convince them it’s really Mirror Me.”
Kagin: Oh, and can I take off whatever they’ve got on Turner?
Kagin: Make her not a thrall?
T’Reth: “You will not need to act, I suspect.”
Kagin: “Was that a joke, T’reth?”
T’Reth: “No. My double is disabling all non-vulcans soon. I will revive you and we will depart.”
Kagin: “had my hopes up.”
Referee: Someone can make a science roll to check out what has happened to her.
Kagin: [1d6+1m6+3 = 3]
T’Reth: ooh
T’Reth: I got mad science
Campaign saved.
Kagin: Invoke “mechanics is more nature” for +2
T’Reth: but I suspect
T’Reth: you’ve gone super dark and she cannot be saved
Referee: Parts of her brain aren’t there anymore.
Referee: You can take that shit off, but then she won’t know how to breathe.
Kagin: Okay, Let me shut her down permanently, then?
Referee: You can totally do that. Via that phaser, if nothing else.
Kagin: I’d rather do it a little more humanely?
Referee: So, a neck snap?
T’Reth: T’Reth: “Stop. She may yet prove useful.” (She obeys us without question, no? So if I tell her to overload the ship’s reactor core and irradiate everyone while we’re wearing protection suits….)
Kagin: “Well, that’s cold.”
Referee: She sure seems to.
T’Reth: T’reth: “On second thought, we can’t be sure there aren’t any failsafes. Do you want met o put her out of her misery?”
Campaign saved.
Kagin: <sighs> “I suppose so.”
T’Reth: Neccckkkkksnap
T’Reth: is Kagin done swapping uniforms yet.
Referee: T’Reth might remember this from the mind meld. The doomsday ship from two adventures back? That had a lady hooked into it by the brain? That was Turner in the mirror universe. And Kagin and Dr. Wright couldn’t fix it, so they figured maybe they’d commit a crime against humanity/invent a really great PDA.
Referee: I guess that all depends on how modest he is.
T’Reth: I don’t remember that at all
Kagin: I remember that.
Referee: It was while T’Reth was busy letting the ship get shot up so she could get detailed scans of the doomsday ship.


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