Star Trek: Akkara

Lacuna, final

Referee: So, lets get this wrapped up. You’ve got an alien computer to get out of a warehouse. You can’t just go to the transporter room and beam it out. You could buy it, but you’ve got a crimelord and ambassador you might need to neutralize first. Or you could do something else! You tell me.
Kagin: But it’s okay because I’m going to rig this thing up to transport it directly to the cargo bay
Kagin: But I’ve gotta set up, which will take about 15 minutes.
Kagin: Also – we’ll be in the warehouse
Kagin: So that’s good times.
Referee: Build a crude transporter in the cargo hold and get through the warehouse’s shield and sure.
T’Reth: But it’s okay because I’m going to rig this thing up to transport it directly to the cargo bay
T’Reth: “It is possible to rig the transporter to send direct to the cargo bay. I will begin work immediately.”
T’Reth: T’Reth stumbles down to the transporter room!
Kagin: I got the equipment from Ensign StandIn, right?
Seshat (to T’Reth): “Do you need assistance? Most people who have that many of my appletinis need to lie down!”
Referee: Sure.
Referee: You just have to get into the place and set it up.
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: T’reth: “It is generally inadvisable to perform complex and delicate work on untested, dangerous technology while badly inebriated.”
T’Reth: “However, my decision making is imparied by intoxication, so I am doing it anyway.”
Kagin: Alright, so me and the captain are breaking into a warehouse.
Seshat: “You remind me of my creators.”
Referee: You and Dr. Wright. The captain is . . . staying back to stall the auction.
Kagin: Erica is about to connect.
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: “Seshat, are you advanced enough to understand our transporter technology and advise?” T’Reth belches loudly.
Seshat: “I’m shocked that you would even question the technological sophistication of a computerized mind projecting itself thousands of kilometers.”
T’Reth: “So, no, then.”
Seshat: “No, I wasn’t programed with anything resembling that information.”
Campaign saved.
Kagin: So, is it nighttime?
Referee: Yup!
T’Reth: “Then if your physical instance ends up freakishly hybridized with my chief engineer, I apologize.”
Seshat: “If I end up freakishly hybridized with your ship and vent the atmosphere in a mad act of revenge, I apologize as well.”
T’Reth: T’Reth pauses, looks at Seshat for a moment, then walks towards the wall, opens a compartment, and puts on an emergency survival suit. “That is a real possibility.”
Seshat: “I wouldn’t bring it up otherwise.”
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: T’Reth does some DRUNKEN TECHNOBABBLE to get the system ready, than radios (?) Kagin to let him know it’s ready.
T’Reth: [1d6+1m6 = 3]
T’Reth: I am TAGGING my “Drunk” aspect for +2; T’Reth is inebriated enough the fake T’Reth mind temporarily overpowering the Real Kagin beneath is suppressed and Kagin’s engineering intuition is shining through.
Seshat: Hah hah hah hah hah hah./
Referee: Er.
Referee: Hah hah.
Kagin: Meanwhile, down in the darkness, Kagin is attempting to disable the security on the warehouse.
Referee: That sounds like a BURGLARY roll!
Kagin: [1d6
1m6 = -2]
Kagin: Oh, man
Campaign saved.
Referee: You sure thing that securty is disabled!
Kagin: Also – going off.
Referee: How could it be going off if you disabled it?
Kagin: “Okay, the alarm’s disabled. Let’s go in.”
Dr. Wright (sarcastically): “Ladies first.”
Kagin: I touch the "open
Kagin: " on the control pad.
Dr. Wright: The door slides open, slams shut, slides open again. It also starts making an ear piercing screetch.
Dan: I’m just not watching my Ids tonight!
Campaign saved.
Dr. Wright: “Dammit! I thought you said the alarm was disabled!”
Kagin: “It WAS
Dr. Wright: “Tell that to my splitting headache!”
Kagin: “Well, there’s nothing for it now. Let’s get this set up.”
Dr. Wright jogs in to look around
Kagin: “Can you hold off whoever shows up?”
Dr. Wright: “You know that fighting is the exact opposite of my job, right?”
Kagin: “Well, it’s not exactly on my resume, either!”
Campaign saved.
Kagin: “But unless engineering is your job, then you’re in charge of shooting things.”
Referee: The inside of the warehouse is pretty spacious. The center of the building is dominated by a ring of about a dozen circular holographic image senders, one of which is lit up. The items for the auction are arranged one to a sender. The gigantic, ornate, stone one is Seshat.
Seshat (to T’Reth): “Ah, excellent news. They’ve found me! Also, I think they set off an alarm of some sort.”
Kagin: Okay. I rush forward and put the matter displacers around it.
Kagin: Then start calibrating the tachyon emitters to resonate.
Campaign saved.
Referee: Riiiiight before you can hit the last few buttons, two guards come barrelling into the warehouse.
Nameless Guard: “What are you . . . stop right there!”
Dr. Wright tackles one of them, leaving one advancing on Kagin
Kagin: “I really don’t have time for this…”
Kagin: Can I augment with Freaky Friday to do a Vulcan Nerve Pinch?
Referee: I’ll compell Freaky Friday to have you do more serious harm to the dude, in fact! Vulcan emotions be powerful, and T’Reth’s run a bit . . . dark.
T’Reth: hee hee
T’Reth: human necks ARE so very, very fragile
Referee: SO fragile.
Campaign saved.
Kagin: So, is that a … what… might?
Referee: Fists.
Kagin: [1d6+1m6 = 4]
Referee: HAH.
Kagin: Wow
Kagin: Well, that guy’s not a problem.
Kagin: “Oh.. wow. Well, that guy’s not a problem…”
Nameless Guard: “AHH! My legs! Both my legs!”
‘Erica’ connected
Dan: You keep changing your name!
Dan: I freed up your character.
Campaign saved.
(Unnamed): (I keep trying to set the program and my computer software on fire)
Dr. Wright keeps wrestling around with a dude, giving Kagin enough time to wrap up with his part of this.
Kagin: Okay, now for the roll
(Unnamed): (Laptop ‘misplaced’ the program last time it crashed, apparently)
Dan: You need to stop getting laptops made of twine.
Dan: I realize the savings you get.
Kagin: I am going to invoke “Nature than Nurture” and… “Never Leave A Man Behind” (if I can, for rescuing him?)
Dan: But twine.
Referee: Roll first before we decide what’s getting invoked here.
Kagin: [1d6+1m6+3 = 7]
Kagin: Hmm
Kagin: Might not need to.
Referee: Vivian is at the auction, where the holoprojection of the object d’art being sold is currently replaced as Dr. Wright and the guard roll back and forth over the projector.
Kagin: Ha ha!
(Unnamed): (Best Doctor EVER.)
Campaign saved.
Lt. Turner calls T’Reth over his/her communicator.
Dr. Wright: “This is the worst honeymoon ever, Kagin!”
T’Reth: T’Reth: “This is T’Reth.”
Gertrude Beatrice St.Croix III: “What a disgracefuly part of the galaxy they’ve exiled you to, Vivian.”
Campaign saved.
Lt. Turner: “We have a . . . situation on the Saratoga. Do you have a moment?”
Vivian: “You have no idea, mother. And this is a light day. You should see things after Happy Hour. Its great.”
T’Reth: “I likely have several minutes before becoming freakishly hybridized in a horrific transporter experiment accident.”
Lt. Turner: “We could use your presence, actually. Kagin’s as well.”
Campaign saved.
Referee: That is when the transport goes off. Which includes some agony for Kagin and T’Reth, actually.
Kagin: Yay, my body!
Kagin: Maybe.
Referee: Yup! Your body! And now your incredibly drunken brain!
Vivian: (Body swapped back? …are there extra limbs?)
Gertrude Beatrice St.Croix III: “Talk to me when you decide to rejoin civilization, dear. I’m sure you’ll get bored with this.”
Vivian: “Probably not before you get bored waiting for that call.”
Kagin: Oh, links dont work? Sadness.
Dan: You can right click on a line to copy it, then past it into a browser.
Kagin: Yeah
Kagin: Found that
Gertrude Beatrice St.Croix III: “You always turn things into a fight. This is why you aren’t married.”
Gertrude Beatrice St.Croix III has a long suffering tone.
Vivian: “I thought I wasn’t married because I kept saying ‘no’.”
T’Reth: T’Reth takes a moment. “Ah, I have to confess to some sentimental attachment to this physical form.”
Vivian: (fu too, laptop)
Campaign saved.
Dan: BURN!!!!
Kagin: I love that picture.
Kagin: Especially if you are a fan of “That ’70s Show”
Dr. Wright: “Be glad you got it back so soon. Kagin was getting weird.”
Vivian: (He looks so earnest about it, too)
Lt. Turner: “Sir? Sir? Are you all right?”
Gertrude Beatrice St.Croix III: “It isn’t as if you are aren’t pretty enough. You’re quite acceptable. You just do your best to turn every compliment into a battleground.”
Campaign saved.
Vivian: “Its not my fault they make it so easy. Though to be fair, it might help their chances if any of them didn’t have a family tree that turned into a wreath at some point.”
Dan: Heh.
Gertrude Beatrice St.Croix III: “They were all genetically tested. Honestly, you’re just making up excuses now.”
Vivian: “Its not making it up when one of them out and says his sister is also his cousin. I’M still not keen on the level of doubled up genetics floating around in their tiny gene pools, thanks.”
Gertrude Beatrice St.Croix III: “I only have so much patience for you when you are being irrational, dear. Do call me in the morning.”
Gertrude Beatrice St.Croix III is ALL the patronizing.
T’Reth: ah, the future, where you can know exactly how inbred you are
Campaign saved.
Vivian: That is ALL a win if she goes away.
Vivian: “In the morning or when I’m finished being irrational? Two different time frames, mother.”
Gertrude Beatrice St.Croix III: “The former. I don’t want to cut off ALL contact with my daughter.”
Vivian: I think this is the time when someone jumps into their starship, yells ‘fuck you I do what I want’ and speeds away.
Vivian: “We’ll see. I tend to get a little busy, what with my own ship to captain and all. Important things to do. Stuff to shoot. People to save. Takes up a lot of time.”
Lt. Turner (over the communicator): “Captain, are you there?”
Campaign saved.
Vivian: “Oh look, there’s some of that captaining calling me now. Yes, Lt Turner.”
Lt. Turner: “We have a situation up on the Saratoga. Are you free to transport up here?”
Vivian: “I’m free as soon as you can get me.”
Lt. Turner: “Understood.”
Lt. Turner (to T’Reth): “Are you and Lietenant Kagin ready, Sir?”
Kagin: “I’m more or less okay. Especially since I have my body!”
Campaign saved.
T’Reth: “Yes.”
Referee: The three of you see the hangar/auction house dissapear in a blue shimmer and the transporter room of the Saratoga appear. As soon as you appear there, however, Turner moves the lever again, sending you on another transport.
Vivian: Bad Turner! No dinner!
Referee: A similar transport room appears at the end of your next hop. The armed guards are new, though. And they have phasers leveled at the three of you. On the wall, you can see a new symbol. A dagger stuck in a globe.
Mirror Universe Vivian: “Welcome to the Empire. I hope you enjoy your stay.”


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